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Name Version Date Sources Delphi/BCB Description
madDisAsm 2.1b 2004-11-09 no D4-7, BCB5-6, D2005 Mini x86 disassembler
madDisAsm 2.1b 2004-11-09 no D4-7, BCB5-6, D2005 mirror

This package is not available seperately for download, it is part of the madCollection.

madDisAsm is a little disassembler which examines one assembler instruction and tells you how many bytes it is long and which jump target it contains (if any). Furthermore it can examine a whole function, giving you the length of the function code, the entry point and all relative and absolute jump targets. Finally it can give you an automatically formatted clear text disassembly of any specified function. madDisAsm features full support for all Athlon and Pentium 4 instructions including 3DNow, SSE and SSE2.

This package is needed by "madExcept", "madRemote", "madKernel" and "madCodeHook". Detailed documentation about "madDisAsm" can be found at

madDisAsm may be freely used for non-commercial purpose only. The commercial version costs USD 25*. In return you'll get full sources and eMail support.

You must read and accept the license before you may use madDisAsm!

* If you're a private person living anywhere in the EU, or if you're a Germany firm, you have to pay 16% VAT additionally to the mentioned price.