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latest news
2005-02-13 Another little update to madCollection Again only a few bugfixes.
2005-01-30 Some little bugfixes result in madCollection No fancy new features, just some bugfixes.
2004-11-18 Delphi 2005 support was added to madCollection now. Furthermore there are some bugfixes for madExcept.
2004-11-09 Today I'm releasing madCollection, which contains some minor improvements for madExcept and madKernel. Furthermore some bugfixes are contained for madExcept and madCodeHook.
2004-10-10 The news server has changed. It's news:// now.
2004-08-15 Bugfixes for various packages and some minor improvements for madExcept are contained in the new madCollection
2004-04-25 madCollection contains some bugfixes for madExcept and madCodeHook.
2004-04-18 There's a forum available now at
2004-04-18 madCollection released. This time we have some bugfixes and some minor improvements only. The most important change is that madExcept and madCodeHook should now work with the soon to come XP SP2. Unfortunately the old versions won't work with the NX execution protection. I thought my code was clean, but I was not aware that a LocalAlloc allocated buffer has no executable flag set...   :-(
2004-03-08 Today I'm releasing madExcept 2.7. The most important changes are:

- automated exception catching for general cgi / isapi projects
- automated exception catching for IntraWeb 5 - 7
- 256 color compressed png screen shot can be added to bug report mails
- some further improvements to the stack trace quality
- lots of bug fixes, tweaks and minor improvements
2004-03-08 madCodeHook 2.1 now uses a little kernel mode driver which takes over the work of injecting the hook dlls into all newly created processes (in the NT family only). Furthermore the new version adds lots of bugfixes and tweaks.
2003-11-18 There were two bugs in madExcept, which needed immediate fixing. So I had to release madExcept 2.6a. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
2003-11-17 A new version of my collection is available. Apart from the usual bug fixes it contains experimental native support for C++ Builder 5 and 6. If you are working with one of those I'd be thankful for some feedback. Thanks!
2003-08-11 More than half a year passed. What have I done in all that time? Well, I've worked on madCollection 2.0 and I wanted it to be more than just a minor update. So here are the most important changes since the last official version:

madDisAsm 2.0: totally rewritten, many new features like clear text disassembly
madExcept 2.5: lots of improvements in various areas
madCodeHook 2.0: stability improvements and OS independent system wide API hooking (!!)

For a full list of what has changed please check out the Version History.

madCrypt users: Please have a look at the documentation!

Newsgroup support is now available on "" (thanks Joe).
2002-12-09 Again the Delphi collection is updated. Some bug fixes, some minor improvements - and finally full documentation for madKernel (was about time!).
2002-11-18 The Delphi collection is at version 1.7 now, the biggest update got madExcept, it's at version 2.3 now. The quality of the call stack traces improved quite much.
2002-10-21 Some bug fixes for the Delphi components.
2002-10-13 Finally a new version of my Delphi components is ready, this time with full Delphi 7 support. Some bigger improvements in madExcept, some minor changes in madCodeHook. See here for a detailed list of what has changed.
2002-09-01 Thanks to a good DOM support Mozilla 1.0 (or higher) now also shows the nice version of my homepage. Opera 6's DOM support is not good enough. Hoping for Version 7.
2002-07-22 No forced registration for Delphi users anymore! The new Delphi packages work at once without any functional limitation. Most packages are only free for non-commercial usage, though. Please read the license carefully. For commercial usage you have to register for all packages except "madBasic".
2002-07-22 The Delphi packages are now available for download only together in one file. That has the disadvantage that you have a big download even if you only want one part of my collection. However, as the internet gets faster and faster, the download size is not that important anymore, I think. On the positive side it's much easier now. Just one download possibility, the installer lets you easily and comfortably choose what components you want to install.
2002-07-22 Bugfixes and some minor changes for the Delphi packages:
- madBasic 1.0i
- madDisAsm 1.2a
- madExcept 2.1b
- madRemote 1.0c
- madKernel 1.2s
- madCodeHook 1.3e
- madSecurity 1.1k
- madShell 1.3f
2002-02-17 madExcept 2.1 (and madCollection 1.5) released! Some bugfixes, some new features:
- save button implemented (with various options)
- full vcl/rtl runtime package support
- instead of showing error boxes, madExcept now adds warnings to Delphi's message window
2002-02-17 Some bugfixes, some minor changes in the following Delphi packages:
- madBasic 1.0f
- madRemote 1.0a
- madKernel 1.2q
2002-01-20 Fruits 0.7 for Windows released (freeware section). Finally my favourite game runs smoothly in Windows utilizing DirectX. Enjoy!
2001-08-03 madExcept 2.0a (thus also madCollection 1.4a) released. One serious bug was fixed. Furthermore mailing via ShellExecute now also supports line breaks.
2001-08-01 madExcept 2.0 released (free upgrade for all customers)! Wow, a whole lot of new features:
(1) new exception box with customizable buttons & messages
(2) extended bug report
(3) restart button or even automatic restart possible
(4) callbacks for every exception box button
(5) integrated mail functionality (both mapi & ShellExecute)
(6) exception handlers can be synchronized
(7) main thread freeze detection
(8) everything can be configured by the IDE wizard
(9) during exception handling the other threads are paused
Check it out!
2001-08-01 From now on the standard versions of madRemote, madKernel and madCodeHook(Lib) ship without sources. I had to take this step to protect my secrets. There are too many bad guys out there which could try to steal my stuff. I'm really sorry for/about that. Customers who already bought any of the mentioned packages get an (expensive!) source code license for free, well, at least until a new major version is out.
2001-08-01 Of course the C(++) library "madCodeHookLib" has the same new features as the updated Delphi packages "madDisAsm", "madRemote" and "madCodeHook" (see below).
2001-08-01 The Delphi package "madCodeHook" also got updated: You can now easily inject DLLs into already running processes without needing the cooperation of the destination process.
2001-08-01 There is a new package ("madRemote") available, introducing functions that help you to get into foreign processes. You can now (a) allocate&free memory in, (b) copy a function into and (c) create a remote thread in any desired 32bit process. This new package is needed by the new versions of madCodeHook and madKernel.
2001-08-01 Got my copy of Delphi 6 last week. Here are new version of all my packages with D6 support. One thing does not work yet in D6, namely the integrated help. I'll fix that as soon as possible.
2001-05-04 The documentation for the Delphi packages is now available online at
2001-05-04 Finally a new version of all Delphi packages is ready - including help files (except "madKernel"):
- madBasic 1.0c (bugfixes + help)
- madDisAsm 1.0b (bugfixes + help)
- madExcept 1.1 (bugfixes, catching of unit initialiation exceptions + help)
- madKernel 1.0d (bugfixes, no help yet)
- madCodeHook 1.2 (bugfixes, dll injecting + help)
- madSecurity 1.0b (bugfixes + help)
- madShell 1.1a (bugfixes + help)
- madCollection 1.2
2001-05-04 New version 1.2 of the C(++) package "madCodeHookLib" now features "CreateProcessEx", which is "CreateProcess" + dll injection.
2000-11-28 Both the Delphi and the C(++) package "madCodeHook(Lib)" were updated to version 1.1c (bugfixes).
2000-11-24 A new section (C/C++) is born! The one and only item there in the moment is "madCodeHookLib", which is basically nothing but the Delphi package "madCodeHook" compiled into one little dll. This way the C(++) guys can make use of "madCodeHook", too.
2000-11-24 Again updates of some Delphi packages:
- madBasic 1.0b (bugfixes and some new functions in madTools)
- madDisAsm 1.0a (bugfixes)
- madExcept 1.0d (bugfixes)
- madKernel 1.0c (bugfixes)
- madCodeHook 1.1 (bugfixes, new hook method, structure changed, also compiled as dll)
- madShell 1.1 (bugfixes and shell event notification added)
- madCollection 1.1
2000-11-13 Currently I'm not doing much programming work. Instead I'm working on help files and demo projects. In the last weeks/months I've not had much time to do so, but I hope I'll get something useful ready this year.
2000-11-13 Minor updates of several Delphi packages released:
- madBasic 1.0a (bugfixes and some minor changes to get rid of SysUtils)
- madExcept 1.0b (bugfixes)
- madKernel 1.0b (bugfixes and some optimized win9x hacks)
- madCodeHook 1.0a (bugfixes, some changes to get rid of SysUtils, some demo projects)
- madSecurity 1.0a (bugfixes and some minor improvements)
- madShell 1.0a (bugfixes)
- madCollection 1.0b
2000-07-19 The new madCollection package (delphi) now contains all other mad* packages. So it's quite easy now to test all my components at once.
2000-07-17 The mad* components now ship as "exe" files, because they feature a little but smart installation/update/uninstallation agent now, that even installs the components in D4/D5.
2000-07-11 I've changed my homepage provider, because the old one was too slow. The new one (see links) seems to be pretty fast!!  :-)
2000-07-10 My shop account is finally set up completely, so the commercial versions of my light components can be ordered now!
2000-07-10 I've updated the components that I've released yesterday.

Well, the light versions do not contain any sources, and the help file is not ready yet, so it didn't make too much sense...  :-)

Now I've added the interface part of the sources as a quasi help file.
2000-07-09 the following Delphi packages are finally released:
-madDisAsm (light)
-madExcept (light)
-madKernel (light)
-madCodeHook (light)
-madSecurity (light)
-madShell (light)
commercial versions will soon be available, too...