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delphi / bcb
Name Version Date Sources Delphi/BCB Description
madBasic 1.1k 2005-02-05 yes D4-7, BCB5-6, D2005 Basic tools, string handling, ...
madBasic 1.1k 2005-02-05 yes D4-7, BCB5-6, D2005 mirror

This package is not available seperately for download, it is part of the madCollection.

madBasic contains some basic units, that are needed from the other mad* packages. But madBasic is very useful itself, even if you don't need any of the other packages.

Here comes a list of the units that are contained in madBasic:

- madTypes     // a lot of general type definitions
- madStrings   // some quite fast string routines
- madTools     // some basic tool functions
- madBasic     // introduces the base class & interface for all mad* components
- madLists     // implements some lists like an intelligent interface list
- madZip       // easy to use (un)compression functions based on zlib
- madCrypt     // lightweight blowfish encryption/decryption
- madRes       // can change the resources of exe/dll files both under 9x and NT

Extensive documentation can be found at

You must read and accept the license before you may use madBasic!