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delphi / bcb
Name Version Date Sources Delphi/BCB Description
madExcept 2.7g 2005-02-05 no D4-7, BCB5-6, D2005 Exception handling package
madExcept 2.7g 2005-02-05 no D4-7, BCB5-6, D2005 mirror
Demo 1.0 2005-02-05 yes D4-7, BCB5-6, D2005 Exception Catcher Demo (incl. source)

This package is not available seperately for download, it is part of the madCollection. It needs the package "madDisAsm" to run, which is also part of the mentioned collection.

madExcept takes full control over Delphi's exception handling. Each and every unhandled exception gets deeply analyzed by madExcept, even initialization and finalization exceptions and thread exceptions are automatically catched (no "Runtime error 216" messages anymore). For each unhandled exception you get a detailed bug report including a full callstack of all running threads and lots of other useful information.

If you want to know more about madExcept, please read the full documentation at the page:

madExcept may be freely used for non-commercial purpose only. The commercial version together with madDisAsm costs USD 50*. If you already have a madDisAsm license you can get madExcept seperately for only USD 25*. In return you'll get full sources and eMail support.

You must read and accept the license before you may use madExcept!

* If you're a private person living anywhere in the EU, or if you're a Germany firm, you have to pay 16% VAT additionally to the mentioned price.